20 January 2012

Sundance 2012 Filmmakers on Twitter

Sundance is in full swing this weekend.   If you like following your film festivals on Twitter, you may want to follow some of the filmmakers that are active Twitter users.

This is a list of filmmakers, writers, editors, etc who have films in this year's Sundance film festival.

Rick Alverson The Comedy   http://twitter.com/ralver

Mark Webber The End of Love  http://twitter.com/likemark

Ira Sachs Keep the Lights On  http://twitter.com/irasachs

Ava DuVernay Middle of Nowhere  http://twitter.com/avadva

Lena Dunham (Screenwriter) Nobody Walks  http://twitter.com/lenadunham

Colin Treverrow Safety Not Guaranteed  http://twitter.com/colintrevorrow

James Pondsalt   Smashed   http://twitter.com/jamesponsoldt

Jamie Travis  For a Good Time Call  http://twitter.com/jamietravis

Marshall Lewy California Solo  http://twitter.com/marshalllewy

Spike Lee Red Hook Summer    http://twitter.com/spikelee

Laurence Thrush The Pursuit of Loneliness  http://twitter.com/growthfilms

Michael Birbiglia Sleepwalk With Me  http://twitter.com/birbigs

Carrie Preston That's What She Said  http://twitter.com/carrie_preston

Tim Heidecker & Eric Wareheim Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie  http://twitter.com/TimHeidecker & http://twitter.com/ericwareheim

Terence Nance An Oversimplification of Her Beauty http://twitter.com/terencenance

Rodney Ascher Room 237     http://twitter.com/rodney_ascher

Ice T Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap  http://twitter.com/finallevel

Joe Berlinger Under African Skies  http://twitter.com/joeberlinger


Todd Sklar 96 Skybox Alonzo Mourning Rookie Card   http://twitter.com/rangelifeent

Craig MacNeill  Henley  http://twitter.com/craigmacneill

Eileen Meyer (Editor) The Thing  http://twitter.com/eileeneditor

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